"From the warm climes of Florida comes singer songwriter Bryan Wilson. When he's not busy dodging hurricanes and rednecks, he's busy playing solo acoustic gigs throughout the state. Not that Florida has been privy to his talent; other parts of the USA and Canada have been witness to his performances. Looking like a cross between a young Robin Zander and Todd Rundgren (when he was much much younger.. lol!). Wilson has fast-tracked his credentials by hooking up with former MPG maestro David Mikeal.The collaboration is a good one, and a logical one at that; considering Mikeal's love for sixties era Beatle-mania. Wilson himself was a member of an outfit called The British Invasion, so you can see where this album has its origins from. Yep, it's a good solid dose of melodic pop, but with an inordinate amount of charm and warmth. You can tell that a lot of hard work has gone into this album, and the music is interesting and varied. A few of these tracks would indicate that Bryan has a good sense of humor all round. Fans of melodic pop with an infusion of the sixties British Invasion influence would find great solace here."

Review By: George Thatcher Glory Daze Magazine

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